Month: August 2017
Parenting is hard. Enjoy it with these toddler games.

10 Hilariously Entertaining Toddler Games

10 Hilariously Entertaining Toddler Games   Toddlers may keep you on your feet, but these games are a surefire way to turn the everyday into loads of fun, or something. Choose from popular games like Pick up More than Sticks, Cards Against My Sanity, Tic Tac…

Pregnancy in the early weeks

Pregnancy Series Weeks 5-8

Pregnancy Series: Weeks 5-8 Previous posts in the series: 8 Creative Pregnancy Announcements How Not to Keep a Secret Pregnancy Series: Introduction Read about when we found out here.  We were so excited about our surprise nugget! First things first though, I needed a new OB/GYN. My last…

Learn about pregnancy from a mama to be

Pregnancy Series: Introduction

Pregnancy Series: Introduction Pregnancy is that absolutely blessed time in your life when you are lucky enough to nurture and sustain another human being. How incredible is that?! I mean, what else could you possibly want, except maybe to know what the heck is happening to…