What does it mean to be a dad?

What does it mean to be a dad?

I was so lucky to have a wonderful dad that loved and adored me. He treated me with respect and modeled that behavior toward my mom.  My dad made sacrifices, whether it was to work less to be around more, or to work more so we could do the things we loved. No matter what, he tried to make our dreams come true. He spoiled us absolutely rotten and I love him for it. My dad showed me what it was to have a strong man in your life. My dad is the reason I married such a fantastic man who is now also an amazing dad. Thanks Dad.

I asked my husband what being a dad meant to him.

This was his response.


It is funny, but true. 


The Journey of Us

Dear husband,

I know when you put this beautiful ring on my finger, you could have never imagined what was in store. I am so happy you decided to take this ride with me but I know you miss hanging with the guys or sleeping until noon. The things that those young, skinny, refreshed people used to do. You were the life of the party and could drink people double you size under the table. You had so many friends. You were downright popular. 

First comes love.

Then I walked in. I could not drink a mouse under the table, despite my efforts resulting in some embarrassing moments. My friends were less than cool to the outside world. But in my defense, this was before geek chic. I was a nerd who loved to study, write papers and take tests. You fell for me anyway. It didn’t hurt that my body parts were in all the right places still. Oh how things change.

You wrote songs for me, serenading me even when I was being a you-know-what. We learned together and grew, both in our own ways. We gained balance and insight. I opened up to new possibilities and became more social. You learned to be confident in who you were without having to have that constant validation from your peers. We went from smitten to in love in about two seconds flat.

I knew. You knew. This was different. Then you may the leap to ask me to be your wife, but it wasn’t a leap. Not even a hop. You asked me like it was the only thing you were sure of. Everything else could have been crumbling to dust, but your decision to marry me was grounding amidst the chaos. 

And it was chaos. Not for the reasons others may think, but I started teaching that year. You saw me as I worked insane hours, pouring my entire heart into my work. It took all of me and I am sorry. But you never gave up on me. Instead, you became frustrated with a profession that could demand so much and give so little. My job was threatened with budget cuts. 

You became impassioned on saving public education. 

Next comes marriage.

Your eyes welled the instant you saw me walk down the aisle. You sang the song that still brings us to tears that you wrote for me. Then we danced on the roof with the skyline behind us as the photographer snapped a few shots.  The full moon shone on your face as you cupped mine. The next day we were in paradise, but I had already found it in you.

Fast-forward approximately 9,870 hours of Netflix bingeing, 612 brunches, 1,340 adventures, 7 late night arguments, 213 wine classes and a boatload in between.

We had a few trips, but hadn’t had one alone since our honeymoon almost 4 years prior. It was time to get away. It was 9:30pm on a work Thursday. We both had work the next day, but it was almost spring break and we had the fever. When I started searching for vacations that night, you didn’t burst my bubble. You helped me decide and we booked a trip for less than 30 hours later. 

White sand beaches again. Tequila, socializing, more tequila, dancing,  more tequila, a plane ride and an adorable baby. 

That was it. Right there and then in all of our spontaneous glory, we decided it was time for us to have a baby’s of our own. 

Then comes baby…

I think we probably both thought there would be more time, but as Mother’s Day rolled around, so did the positive test. You were elated that you were going to be a father and your sheer joy steadied any nerves I had about the alien now growing inside me. 

You loved me and adored me even when I grew to the size of a baluga whale. My feet swished when I walked and you still looked at me like I was beautiful. 

It wasn’t pretty, birth is icky, but you were there for every step of the way.

And a baby carriage.

Then we met our son, and you became a father. 

The whole story up until here, was only to prepare you for this moment. 

The moment you were meant for. The moment you became a dad.

See, I was only part of your love story. The second you held your baby boy your heart grew to hold more love than imaginable.

As our son has grown, you have reveled in your playtime, your snuggles and even in the structure that you have set to make our son into a good and caring person. You swell as he says, “I love you, daddy.” And even with your love of him, your heart is still open for me too, in fact more so. Your love has multiplied. 

And my love has grown for you. You are an incredible man. A ninja in every way, you are a Dad.

Adventure awaits!

Happy Father’s Day to the wonderful dads in my life.


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What does it mean to you?

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Sonyo Estavillo

I love this I think that it’s hard to be a parent these days and it’s hard to be married. Both marriage and parenting take work. Happy father’s day to the hubby! 🙂

Kristi File

I absolutely LOVE this post. Becoming parents is such an amazing blessing. And the journey up to that point is just as important. Happy Father’s Day weekend! xoxo


Love your love story! Such a sweet and honest tribute to your hubs and to your life you have created together. And the whole king bed situation — totally on point! 🙂