10 Free (Or Really Cheap) Gifts for Father’s Day

10 free (or really cheap) gifts you can make with you child before Father’s Day

I am getting excited, but starting to feel the Father’s Day crunch. It is around the corner and with less than two weeks, there isn’t much time left. Especially considering I have a toddler who will be “helping” me this year.

Check out my gift ideas that will rock Father’s Day.

1.Be adventurous.

If you are like me, I rarely drive with my husband is around. Take the wheel. Plan some locations nearby. Make your little draw a map based on your route. Mark special stops with pictures or clues. Put an x for the big surprise like marking buried treasure. What man doesn’t love some booty? Pirate treasure of course.

2. Be genuine.

Write something heartfelt and make a personalized card. The kids can write stuff too, or you can dictate if they are old enough. If not, make up things that they are probably thinking. This could be comical or sweet depending on the dad in your life.

3. Be sneaky.

Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages. Get the kids involved. Incorporate important things about your husband and father of your kids into the fun. What does he like? Sports – hide clues on a field,  music – hide in a guitar, etc. Search for the clues as a family.

4. Be social.

Use your social media addiction for good. One creative mom decided to take her social status and gift-giving to the next level. She asked friends on a mom page to write a sign with a short message to dad from you and the kids. Have each person sign it with their state or country and take a picture of it with the scenery in the background. If you know this mom, let me know so I can give her credit.  I would like to compile them into a map or make a presentation. Let me know of your creative ideas.

I need your help! I want to do this for my husband. Please write the sign, but replace the underlined location with yours. Then take a picture outside. Bonus for landmarks. Please email me at coffeewithasplashof@gmail.com. Thanks!!!

5. Be sentimental.

Make your own places we’ve been to map. Print out an oversized map on legal paper or combine multiple sheets. Let the kids color the states you have all been to. Write a message on the state with a brief memory that was meaningful for added sentiment. Dads automatically become mushy once they have kids. Get your free map here.

6. Be cheesy.

The letter pictures are easy and sweet. Yes. They are cliché, but that’s for a reason. Just cut out the letter A and D. Let the little color or paint them. Then take pictures of your child holding the letter to spell out DAD. It is new once for every dad and your kid’s pictures are so much cuter than any others. It is a proven fact.

7. Be vocal.

Sing it out! Write an original song or parody. Lazy mom trick, you can just lip sync one already done. Film it and what the hilarity unfold. For moms and kids with actual talent, belt it out.

8. Be sporty.

What dad doesn’t want to play ball with their little. Find a park and pack gloves, balls and a baseball-themed picnic snack complete with peanuts (as allergies allow), hot dogs with the fixings (a nearby park grill might help), soda for dad and juice for the little. Added bonus if you drive and make it a surprise. Which takes me to the next idea. 

These gloves have free one-day shipping if you do not already have them.

*This post contains affiliate links, so I may earn a few cents on the dollar.*

9. Be scientific.

Buy a pre-made science kit or check out some science resources for family science experiments. Learning is not just for the young. Many libraries also offer free robotics classes. If my husband is any indication, most dads are just big kids who finally have an excuse to play with toys and explore. Give them the opportunity to be young at heart.

If you want to buy anything to cut down on time, these are really cool for kids and dads alike.

10. Be romantic.

Make dad breakfast in bed. Clean the house. Wake up with the littles. Take the kids out and let dad play video games or watch sports with zero honey-dos. We have a tendency to make it all about moms, but there are some pretty special dads that deserve to be pampered too. 

So, you’ve made it to the end of the post, and you are pinning this because you are for sure going to get to it later. Then realize you are just not that kind of mom, that’s fine too. If you don’t mind spending a bit, these are my top picks!




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The scavenger hunt is such a fun and unique idea! Gift cards to their favorite restaurants is one I do too so that my parents can go out to eat together. 🙂



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[…] 10 Free (Or Really Cheap) Gifts for Father’s Day […]


Those were great ideas!! Thanks for the help, I was about to loose my mind about what should I get for him, and I wanted something original. You rock lady!


Wonderful ideas Addison! I especially like the treasure hunt and the “places we’ve been to map”. I’m going to try one of those out this year!

Kristi File

Oh I love these ideas! Especially number 1. Gonna give this one a go. Thanks for sharing! xoxo