A Mother’s Love: Happy Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day Story

Mother’s Day 2014 will forever be ingrained in my memory. It was the day I found out I was joining the mother’s club. Upon looking at the positive test, my heart started to race. We were trying, but I wasn’t prepared for what it would feel like. I was both amazed and terrified. There was something growing inside me other than my carb-filled breakfast. The thought was beautiful and horrific.

The perfect dichotomy of emotions.

I have seen many Pinterest-worthy wives that make this a magical experience for their significant other. After catching my breath and hopping around in a frenzy of pure adulation and panic, I went straight to my husband. He stared back at me beaming from ear to ear. He couldn’t stop smiling if he tried. All of my anxiety washed away in that instant. I have him. We are invincible. That day’s was a blur of pregnancy tests and a complete overhaul of our groceries. Oh, the first day we knew, we stocked the fridge full of whole paycheck, I mean, Whole Foods. You know, the healthy stuff that makes pregnant women nauseous. Pass the cheese fries please. Oh, those hopeful, well-rested fools.

A few weeks later, it was time for family reveals.

This time, I had a chance to calm my nerves and had a fellow conspirator in on the action. We crafted the perfect reveals for each set of future grandparents. There was screaming and bouncing. My 6ft plus brother was close to busting through the ceiling with giddiness. I am so lucky to have family that was genuinely as thrilled as we were. Granted, my little is the first on both sides. See: spoiled rotten.

We rejoiced in our little Roo until the gender reveal.

Boy oh boy, that blue my mind. I would apologize for the puns, but if you have read my writing, you know I relish in them.

I am not going to do a whole birth story here, but the second I held the tiny human that I carried inside of me I knew. The one that has the hiccups inside me. The one that jabbed me any time I would fall asleep. You are the one that gave me heartburn from drinking water -the full head of hair at birth explained it. That’s the one. The one that made me a mother, the one I stare at for hours on end, the one I nourished. The one that will forever change my life. 

Limits may be tested and boundaries pushed along the way. We are currently in a tantruming era of epic proportions, but it is all worth it. 

Thank you son for making me a mom.

Mother’s Day 2015

Exactly one year ago I found out I was going to be a mommy. I was elated, but nothing could have prepared me for the love I have for my son. I am truly blessed to be his mommy.
Mother’s Day 2016
I love this boy! Thanks for making me a Mama.

Thank you mom, too. I get it.

This love stuff is real.


Strong, resilient woman

Motivating force

Pushing, pulling, pleading

Helping me to achieve


Encouraging me to reach greater HEIGHTS

Than I knew were


Learning and growing alongside

Despite many bumps on the road

Loving me Always

Thanks for Everything!

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Beautiful boy. The picture with the tiny shoes is lovely. I think they make the best keepsake.


Congratulations, such a beautiful reminder to cherish our moms!

Brittany| Memoirs Of A Good Thing

This is so precious! How sweet that you found out on Mother’s day too! Your son is just to sweet =) Congrats to you both and Happy Mother’s Day!


What a beautiful story! And a lovely shout out to your mom! Happy Mother’s Day!


Your story is touching and your son is absolutely handsome!!! Congrats on your new lifetime membership as well, it appears you’re putting it to good use already!

Elise Cohen Ho

He is an adorable boy. Congrats on being part of the club.


Aww, this is so precious! What a great tribute for mother’s day!


This is so beautiful article! Omg. Soo cute.
Ejnets in Lisboa


Such a sweet story! I hope you have a wonderful mothers day!