Crazy, Frantic Mama

As mother’s, we are all prone to be crazy and frantic from time to time, or all the time. The level of anxiety-inducing triggers accompanied with parenthood are astronomical. Apparently, I am not immune to such crazy thoughts…

My heart was racing. My blood pressure rising. I could feel the cold sweat dripping from my neck.

Where the heck was he?

“Mama, I hiding!”

The disappearing act begins.

I called his name. Nothing, no response. I was just in the bathroom, where could he have gone?

Moments before my search began, I heard a squeal of delight and satisfaction. That should have tipped me off, but no.

Frantic, crazy momma came out and started tearing through everywhere after his usual hiding places provided no clues to his whereabouts.

In the news today: careless mother closes the door to go the restroom. Her negligence led to her son wandering off. Onlooker shakes her head in admonishment. “I would never go to the restroom without my children strapped to me.” Other parents would agree, “We never pee or poop when we are home with our angels.” The comment section would be a mile long on the perils of using the restroom with a toddler in the house.

Crazy Level: Through the Roof

At this point, I have checked the locked doors that he cannot reach about ten times and even searched the backyard out desperation.

Everything is still locked, and unless he is a magician and relocked it with his key that he has hidden in his diaper, it is unlikely he has escaped, but that is the only explanation to crazy, frantic mom.

I am screaming his name over and over at this point. Tears are threatening to well up. I am contemplating whether to call my husband or skip the middleman and call 911.

All of this probably takes place over the course of 30 seconds, mind you, but in that time, my pulse has hit over 180.

Finally, after tears are spilling from my cheeks and I am at a loss, hormones don’t help the case, he pops up and says hi with such joy.

Seriously. I love you kid, but I need a minute to come down from every crazy scenario that I just ran through my head. “Are you okay Mom? Mama okay?”

“Yes”, through tears and hugs, “yes”.


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My son is getting too good at hide and seek.

I mean crazy good. The places he hides is getting out of hand.

He hides behind clothes in the closet. He contorts into his tiny grill. Pretty much anywhere is fair game: from behind blinds, under the coffee table, or even in the backyard behind the hot tub. Trust me, that thing had a lock from day one with my little daredevil.

Today, he eluded me in my tiny living room. Really, it was quite impressive. I usually enjoy our hide-and-seek games, but for the love of everything, give me a heads up kid. I love you so much. Please help me to not be a crazy parent.

I hope I am not the only crazy parent out there that completely overreacts to pretty much everything. Anyone?

On a side note, he skipped nap today, which we both so desperately need, see my post about his naps or lack there of: Dear My Restless Son.


Despite our day, he colored quietly while I wrote this post. He even asked for a wipe to clean up the color that accidentally got on the floor. Sweet boy.


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If you are brave enough to make me feel better, please let me know your complete over-reaction below in the comments.

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Wait, he lets you go to the bathroom alone?? Can he teach my children??? 😉

The Sun Mama

I am smiling ear to ear right now because my boys put me through this when they were little… Especially my oldest , David… When he was your sons age he hid inside a cupboard and I couldn’t find him… I went into freaked out mommy mode convinced he was lost LOL….

katie |from north 2 south

my 2.5 yo can’t quite grasp the concept of hide and seek, my 5yo on the other hand. I am so thankful apartment has a security system that tells you when a door is opened.

Paula from Her Life Is Love

When my daughter was younger, she wandered into a room in our home and stayed absolutely quiet when I called her name. Why do they do that? I’m on her like a hawk when we go shopping. Those clothes racks make it too easy to lose a child.


OH man! I can already see this day coming. My greatest fear is him trying to move the game outside (we’re on 50 acres). Thank goodness we’re still in just the “peek a boo” stage.
It’s amazing how fast kids can move!


It’s really good that my son is rubbish at hiding for us, he gives himself away too easily. My daughter I’m dreading her getting to that age 😂😂😂 great, honest post cc

Sara Calinas

This reminded me of my nephew. Such an amusing read, thank you so much for sharing 🙂


OMG! I understand your panic attack! We live in a small apartment so hide and seek can’t get too hard core. But I remember when we realised our daughter could reach the dead luck (we used to leave the key in… not anymore!)

Carmen Ramirez
Oh Addison, I guess I never shared with you the time my daughter Madison , who was then 2, hid behind the pillows of our couch as she was playing Hide & seek with her brothers . Long story cut short we looked for her for almost 45 minutes, and yes just liked you I was in Tears and with my cell phone ready to call 911! When I finally decided to call 911 I sat on the couch to dial and felt a “lump” underneath . You see between the top and bottom pillows there was a gap big… Read more »
Laura @ the L word

Hahahaha! I love these stories! Observing other moms it always looks like everyone else has everything together and I am the only one having a panic attack! Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂


That has got to be a scary feeling. I bet he was like “what’s the big deal?” Hopefully he will learn to not hide in such hard places next time.


This is a funny post. I think we all get that massive panic the minute we cant find our kids. Its worse at grocery store or n the mall. We NEED them in eye sight all the time. The panic continues when your teenager or college student wont answer text for a prolonged period of time. WHAT HAPPENED? I wish I could tell you the panic goes away. I have not found that to be true. This is motherhood!


Oh geez! I would be so freaked out if I couldn’t find my kid.. It’s happened to me when I was going frantic about something else and I seriously couldn’t find my kid in my own house!

Our Irish Family

Oh gosh, I can already imagine the hysteria that comes with the thought of losing your child. Teaching kids to play hide and seek is a great activity but it makes you think when they get too good at it 🙂


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Oh geez! Your poor momma heart! Thanks for the little laugh…after I read you found him!