About Me…Oh Boy!

What do I say about
myself? This was the hardest part about starting a blog. Who am I? My name is
Addison Messer. That one was easy. I am uh…cough…30. On the Meyer’s Briggs
personality test, I am an ENFP. For those unfamiliar, I am an extroverted,
intuitive, feelings, perspective kind of gal. Easily put, I’m a mess. The first
letters of my first and last name are ADD MESS. Coincidence, I think not. I am
a ball of everything all of the time until I am not, and then I am very not. I
am very energetic and occasionally lack impulse control. I have big feelings
and opinions on pretty much everything, however, I also think to each their

I graduated college with
a degree in early childhood and taught elementary school for 6 years before
deciding to stay home with my son. I have a wonderful and supportive ENFP
husband that is constantly trying to change the world. It makes me need a nap
sometimes. My son is 2 and very precocious which means we are really in for it.
He has so much personality and tells me exactly what he thinks. I wonder where
he gets that from.
Staying home was a very
big decision that I did not take lightly. I loved being a teacher. It had its
moments (especially mounds of useless paperwork), but I thrived motivating and
creating new ways to teach each student. I felt I was making a difference every
day. Then my son contracted RSV. If you ever hear this acronym and it isn’t
about a bible, run! It was horrible. He was breathing so fast and was admitted
into the hospital with RSV, pneumonia and a double ear infection. Oxygen, IV
Fluid and 2 weeks later, we were all exhausted. I never wanted to go back to
work and leave my own baby, yet even as he sat on oxygen fighting, I felt the
pull of the 22 children that I also loved. It was a pivotal moment for me. I
made it through the rest of the year and began my new job as a stay-at-home

I definitely had some
preconceived notions about staying at home. My house would finally be
immaculate. I would be in awesome shape. We would go on daily adventures to the
parks, libraries, zoos, play dates, etc. I would read 15 books to him and knock
out a few a week myself. I would learn a new language within the year and
quickly return to school. Oh, and my son would not watch TV. I mean, if I made
the choice to stay home, I would be making the choice to make my son’s every
need a priority. Time for a reality check.

So, I have managed to
find balance with some of these things. We go on an adventure to the park or
library most days and we go on a bigger excursion maybe every other week. He
gets lots of play group time and alone play time at home. I have begun to learn
Spanish and am making some progress. My house is cleaner with an emphasis on
the -er. We read books some and I listen to audio-books while I am driving or
walking around the neighborhood for the umpteenth time because that is the only
way he will sleep. I work out about 4 times a week unless someone is sick
(which is a lot still).
Nothing is nearly what I
thought it would be but I am finally coming to peace with that. This is not a
race. Life is not something to get through. I am no longer concerned with
ticking off things on a to-do list. I want to learn because it is fun. That is
my passion. Learning. Learning and meeting new people. I love meeting new moms.
It is that wonderful thing that most people don’t tell you about, probably
because it is an introvert’s worst nightmare, but there are always moms to
converse with. I love meeting everyone, plus, my child is way better in public
than in the confines of our home where he temporarily loses his mind every two

I am just excited to see
where this chapter takes us.

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